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And the winner is …..

When it comes to wine there is no shortage of opinions, ratings, medals or awards and as a wine consumer it can all get a bit overwhelming with the shear number of wine journos, bloggers, shows, reviewers and so on. Wine is probably the most over analyzed, over thought beverage on the planet. With all that being said it can be easy to overlook why wine producers put their hard work up for criticism at all. It’s nice to get a good review or wine a medal at a wine show and it’s an affirmation that you are making good wine, but that’s not the motivation. The reason wine makers submit their wines for review or enter competitions, at their own and often significant cost, is to assure their customers and potential customers that what they buy, the wine they drink and love is a consistently high quality product and has been over a long period of time backed up by independent review from a range of different sources.

Now I can step off the soapbox for a moment and share some great results that Gibson has had recently. We have had some great feedback from James Halliday for the 2013 Pinot Gris (94pts), a variety he has been known to say he doesn’t like much, and also for the 2012 Smithy Shiraz Cabernet ranked #4 in his top 12 Aussie red blends. Both excellent results we are very proud of and further evidence that Rob’s wines are of a consistently high quality and can stand up with the best Australia has to offer.



The result we are most proud of though, wasn’t from an esteemed wine writer or international wine show though, it was a result from passionate wine drinkers who love one thing in particular, Shiraz. The Edinburgh Hotel and Cellars in the southern suburbs of Adelaide holds an annual Shiraz Challenge which gathers together hundreds of wine lovers and dozens of great Shiraz. At this years event the 2013 Reserve Shiraz was voted #1 in the over $30 category and received the most number of votes overall. A big thank you to everyone that came and saw us at Shiraz Challenge and for your votes.

And as for who the winner is? Well we like to think the winner is you, the wine consumer.