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Museum Wines

Each year we keep a small quantity of each wine released in our museum cellar. This allows us to follow the wines progression as it ages and occasionally release these wines when they are at their peak for you to enjoy. We know how difficult it can be to hang on to your wines long enough to let them develop and show their true potential. So it is a real treat to be able to have some of these wines available. For June we have two of our wines from the 2008 vintage, Isabelle Cabernet/Merlot & Wilfreda Shiraz/Mataro/Grenache. The 2008 vintage was characterised by Rob as, “A season of 2 parts with ideal moderate conditions early and extreme heat later in March which turned out well for the cooler sub-districts such as ours in Light Pass. Yields were moderate & styles were generous.”

For me the difference between young and aged reds is best explained using the analogy of looking at the same picture in 2D vs 3D. You are looking at the same thing but seeing more of it. aged wines have the same effect, your palate experiences a greater depth of flavour and character that hasn’t been unlocked in the young wine and there is increased complexity and nuance.

Do yourself a favour and grab a mix six pack of these two wines and see how well Rob’s wines age. What have you got to lose? We’ve done all the hard work of cellaring for you! As well as this we have a great price on the 2009 Australian Old Vine Barossa Shiraz, available only while stocks last.


Happy drinking!