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The importance of diversity in wine

At a recent tasting event organised for cellar door staff from across the Barossa, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale I was reminded of how important it is to get out and taste different wines. Like many in the wine industry, tasting and drinking the wines you sell and produce each day is great but it is very easy to develop a “cellar palate”, where you become so used to a particular style or flavour that other wines can seem inferior. Speaking to a colleague at the afore mentioned event we both commented on how we love getting out and trying different wines, it is what attracts many to the industry in the first place.

The best way to get out and sample wines is of course to visit the many wine regions and cellar doors across Australia. There are almost 2,500 wine producers in Australia each offering a range of varieties and styles. And you know what is great about wine? No two are the same. Forgetting for a moment that there is more diversity in Australian wine now than ever before, if you consider yourself a Shiraz drinker just think of how many choices that gives you. Even here within the Barossa, where there is a large selection of Shiraz available they are all unique and different. Each wine represents its location and winemaker’s philosophy.

You are probably wondering by now what the point to all this is? Well, it’s simple. Get out and taste! I’m not suggesting spending a month travelling the South Australian wine regions visiting each cellar door, because whilst that sounds great it’s not entirely feasible. But have a look around your local area, you might be surprised by how many wineries are within driving distance for a day trip or weekend getaway. Head to your local fine wine retailer and ask them if they host regular wine tasting events, many do. These can be a great way to sample different wines and you often get to meet the winemaker. How about bringing the tasting to you? Get your friends together and host your own wine tasting event. Set a theme, have some fun and try some wines. Play wine options. This can be a fun game where a masked bottle is sampled and a series of questions asked to try and identify the wine.

So get out and enjoy the huge diversity of wines available to us all and may all your wines be good ones!